ePhotoBox 1.1 Release Notes

The following improvements were made in this version:

  1. Added support for PNG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP pictures and photos. Raw image conversion from popular DSLR camera makers, i.e., Canon, Nikon, Sony and others is now supported.
  2. Automatic port forwarding for UPNP routers to get your photos accessible on the Internet without manually configuring your router (disabled by default for security reasons).
  3. Improved photo tagging from image metadata (EXIF and other) with several predefined tags for easy selection.
  4. Added A-Z tag index markers to tag cloud for greater clarity with large sets of tags. Clicking on a tag maker will filter the tag cloud to tags starting only with the selected letter.
  5. Slideshow controls are now hidden when slideshow is playing for improved appearance.
  6. Display of photo date taken is now configurable in settings page (not displaying it makes room for larger photo display).
  7. Keyword search now supports photo taken dates and date ranges; for example: "1/2014-1/2015" will show all photos taken in 2014 and 2015; "12/25/203" will return all photos taken on Christmas day 2013.
  8. Support for Windows 10 and the Edge browser has been added.

The following bugs were fixed in this version:

  1. Clicking back during slideshow will now return you to the photo thumbnail listing instead of the page before the listing.
  2. Logging-in with Google has been upgraded to use the latest Google OAuth API. Logging in with Google on previous version will no longer work.
  3. Photo tagging dialog no longer inadvertently (in certain situations) clears existing tags when creating new tags.
  4. Some context help (question marks) in the Control Panel are not invokable while services are running.

Upgrading from previous versions:

This version can be installed over the pre-release version without overwriting your database, custom tags, user logins, etc. When installing the new version, keep in mind the following:

  1. You will not be prompted for your photos location, since it was already set in the previous version installation.
  2. You will not be prompted for location to place system files, again because it was already set in the previous version installation.
  3. You will not be prompted for a port for your website, again, the last installation already set it.
  4. If installing over a previous version, you most likely will be prompted to reboot your computer. You may be able to avoid this if you first stop all ePhotoBox services and close the ePhotoBox Control Panel prior to launching the installation.
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