ePhotoBox 1.0 Release Notes

The following improvements were made in this version:

  1. Added hotkey ("t" for toggle) for fast switching between normal and admin mode in tag and photo views (must be logged in as an Admin).
  2. Added ability to select from list of existing tags when tagging photos (AKA auto-complete).
  3. Improved slideshow menu.
  4. Improved logging for user login events with some events being displayed in control panel.
  5. Added lockout mechanism to help prevent password guessing (user is locked-out after 5 unsuccessful login attempts).

The following bugs were fixed in this version:

  1. When launching the ePhotoBox Control Panel, Windows will no longer warn you that the software is from an unknown publisher.
  2. Clicking the "Publishing photos to" link will no longer crash the ePhotoBox Control Panel (only happens on some computers).
  3. Fixed issue with photo tagging tool where it sometimes would not clear an existing tag.
  4. When login attempt fails it will no longer clear your username (just the password, of course).
  5. Fixed inactive password strength meter on website change password page.
  6. Corrected incorrect disk space taken by website files as reported under control panel sync settings page.

Upgrading from version 0.8:

This version can be installed over the pre-release version without overwriting your database, custom tags, user logins, etc. When installing the new version, keep in mind the following:

  1. You will be prompted for your photos location, but it will be ignored by the installation.
  2. You will be prompted for location to place system files, but again, it will be ignored by the installation.
  3. You will be prompted for a port for your website, again, this will be ignored.
  4. You may be prompted to reboot your computer after installation finishes, but our testing has shown it is not necessary (it can never hurt though).

The settings above are not needed because they have already been set by the v8.x installation. Future installations will be improved so that they will not prompt you for this unnecessary information. If you wish to install from a clean slate and reset your database and configuration, uninstall the previous version first before installing this version.

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